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Dec 15, 2012 11:00pm PST
's the father of six year old emly parker, one of the victims in the sandy hook elementary school shooting in few town, connecticut. >> hello, i am mike huckabee. i am coming to you live in new york city . our nation is in shock over the senseless and unspeakable tragedy that took place in newtown, connecticut. the shooter killed his mother in her home and then to a elementary cool where he gund down 20 opportunitis and teach ares before he took his own life . molly? nthe community has been pulling together since this horrific massacre. there are numerous vigils and we are getting word that president obama is it joining the community and an interfaith vigil. ther joining together and healing the community. it is it a difficult and long road ahead when you think about the victims in this case. and so many lives lost and 12 little girls and eight little boys and six women. two of the women killed were so young. beginning their careers in education . in their twens and one just 30 years old and all of these women trying to protect the children. the youngest victim named noah. you look at the
FOX News
Dec 15, 2012 12:00am PST
in the sandy hook elementary school and starts shooting. we are learning new information tonight and we'll have it throughout the hour. we'll start with rick who is with the latest. who is the killer. >> we know his name adam lanza and lived in newtown, connecticut with his mother nancy who was shot dead in her bed in her home that shared with the shooter. he took her car and at least three weapons and maybe more. glock and hour and m-4 assault rifle ask went to the school where his mother worked as a substitute teacher and got through security and went to two room one area of the school and began to shoot children and adultings. he shot 20 kids. 18 died at the scene and two in the hospital died. he shot six adults including the principal and took his own life has police got to the school. >> is there any report on what high was saying or anything peculliar about him. >> a six year old boy said the shooter came in and shot the teacher and the boy ran out and that shooter didn't say a sandwich word. we heard from the shooter's brother that he was learning disabled and may have been autistic. >>
FOX News
Dec 22, 2012 12:00am PST
generation's david cassidy. >> i rest my point. >> i watched the concert for sandy. >> i know what you are getting. >> i love robert but you are old. keep your shirt on. >> speak for yourself. >> did you just -- >> i just said he had a great looking chest. >> you know what tom is getting at which is important is rock stars have a hard time growing old. if you look at aerosmith's steven tyler he looks like an upper eastside elderly woman. he is covered in scarfs. he has no weight on him. he should be holding a little puppy and perhaps walking with a stroller and buying weird goods. from a pharmacy that isn't a brand name pharmacy, the kind that where things are cheap and dusty, you know? and the things he buys have those swrels on them. and you don't know what they are for. they are going to go in places -- >> bill, -- >> you have really thought about this. >> does it make you sad you will die as young as most rock stars, but without the benefits of being a rock star? >> i didn't until i just put that in my brain. i am very depressed. >> they said there is the overall level of talent th
FOX News
Dec 13, 2012 12:00am PST
, whitney houston. beat out hurricane sandy. election 2012. bob's favorite thing to commiserate about. hunger games. and to lin jeremy lin. i still have my jersey. >> bob: who is that? >> eric: basketball player. that's it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. >>> i am greg gutfeld. welcome to "red eye." or as i am known in canada, the ontario open robe. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> way to nail that cold open. our top story, is a white tennis player imitating serena williams racist? why not? everything else is. and would we have a budget deal if women were in charge? women say yes, but men say, football, video games. and in the midst of a contract dispute, flight attendants choose to select lively -- selectively with 408d -- withhold services. greg? >> what is wrong with your left sleeve? >> what is that? >> what is wrong with your left sleeve? >> i don't believe anything is wrong with it. >> i believe something is wrong with it. look at it. >> it is not buttoned. >> exactly. what kind of code are you doing? >> my r
FOX News
Dec 14, 2012 12:00am PST
. >> that is a good point. he worked like 20 hours every day during hurricane sandy. and yet he did not lose a pound. this is dedication of a level i have never seen. you have to multi task your eating to such a degree, i don't know who you he does it. i do know he has to have the stickest most crumb-filled keyboard in awful government. >> and that's sexy. >> there is a serious point. he is a leader that people look up to, and health is an issue. he and obama walking down together look like an interracial number 10. look, nbc's "big loser" poe lit cal edition, huckabee did it. he was a fat governor and started running. >> again, health was the spark there, so i have read. you know with governor huckabee, once he gets his sights on something he will finish it. maybe govenor chris stey doesn't feel like he needs to do that. but he should have answered the question honestly. you know what, barbara, who ever you are quoting, i am fat. i own that. i love it. move on. >> you know what i was thinking about? how awesome it is to lie on a bed, and you have this really hot, hot donut, and it is like on a cont
FOX News
Dec 18, 2012 12:00am PST
on twitter. i see i remember newtown and sandy hooks. it is interesting. maybe i can ask one other question of jedediah and this is for my own purposes. people were giving all sorts of advice about how to talk to your children about this. i was hoping my kids weren't talking about this in school. i didn't bring it up with them over the weekend. i don't know if sitting down and talking to little kids about this -- i just turned the news off. do you think they should be talking about it in a first or second grade classroom? >> i don't know about a first or second grade classroom, but the problem is kids will ask questions. tv's are on and kids are coming home from pool and and doing their homework at the kitchen table and mom and dad are watching this. they are going to ask questions. you have to be prepared to deal with it. if kids are frightened -- sometimes kids are more frightened when you don't give them real answers. they are vary accept tiff to that. they are receptive to truth. you have to address it if your kids have questions. i wouldn't go out of my way to bring it up if your kids
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)